HCI shareholders (“Shareholders”) are referred to the announcement published on the Stock Exchange
News Service of the JSE Limited on 9 January 2015, regarding the posting of a circular (“Circular”)
including a notice of general meeting of Shareholders and are hereby advised that at the General
Meeting held today, Tuesday, 10th February 2015, all of the ordinary and special resolutions contained
in the notice of General Meeting, forming part of the Circular, were passed by the requisite majority of
votes of Shareholders present in person or represented by proxy at the General Meeting.

The total number of shares represented in person or by proxy amounted to 84.82% of the issued share
capital of HCI registered on the record date for the General Meeting (30 January 2015) (net of treasury
shares). 46 members were present at the meeting, either in person or by proxy.

Details of the results of voting at the General Meeting are as follows and are given as percentages of
the total number of shares which were eligible to be voted in respect of each resolution:

Votes         %          Votes         %       Abstentions
in                      Against

Special Resolution Number 1 :
Specific repurchase by HCI of an
aggregate of 1 000 000 HCI
Shares from the Corjo Trust,
Andre van der Veen and              71,183,308    94.66%     4 017 376     5.34%      16 418 611

Special Resolution Number 2 :
Specific repurchase by HCI of an
1 000 000 HCI Shares from            66,096,154    94.27%      4 017 376     5.73%     21 135 823

Special Resolution Number 3 :
Specific repurchase by HCI of an
5 500 000 HCI Shares from its
wholly owned subsidiary,             90,655,135    99.97%       24 299       0.03%         193

Ordinary Resolution Number 1
90,658,434    99.98%       21 000       0.02%         193
Authorisation of Directors