On World Environment Day on Friday, 5 June, Tsogo Sun entered into a new partnership with Generation Earth, a green networking platform with the youth, for the youth and by the youth.

This new relationship, which sees Tsogo Sun becoming the venue and accommodation partner to Generation Earth, including their annual summit in October this year, follows on several years of partnership with sister organisation Miss Earth, a leadership programme that empowers young South African women with the knowledge and platform to create a sustainable difference in combatting the destruction of our natural heritage.

Generation Earth works with 80 school councils around the country, comprising of about 1700 learners, in a structured action plan for the youth to make a difference in the betterment of the environment. The students on the Generation Earth councils are expected to be studying the sciences, and to have expressed an interest in a career involving the environment.

“It has been, and continues to be, a great pleasure working with Miss Earth and contributing to their stalwart efforts to involve young women in sustainable green initiatives,” says Candy Tothill, Tsogo Sun’s executive responsible for corporate affairs. “We’re sure that the same will apply to our newly formed partnership with Generation Earth and their efforts to get bright young people to think green in the interests of a sustainable future. Green issues are high on our corporate priorities and this work connects well with our CSI focus on youth development, making the partnerships with both Miss Earth and Generation Earth a good fit for Tsogo Sun.”

At the Generation Earth Summit in October, the student councils will present innovations linked to COP21’s theme of food security and water and energy conservation, ahead of COP21 from Wednesday, 30 November to Friday, 11 December in Paris. COP21 will aim to achieve a new international agreement on the climate, applicable to all countries, with the aim of keeping global warming below 2º C.

“We’re delighted to be welcoming Tsogo Sun to the environmental initiatives of Generation Earth,” says Ella Bella Constantinides, founder of Generation Earth and a UN Youth Mentor. “We have no doubt that the relationship will be as warm and rewarding as it is with the Miss Earth organisation – and that soon Generation Earth will also regard Tsogo Sun as home.”

Also introduced at the World Environment Day event were the Johannesburg nominees for Miss Earth 2015, who have all been planting vegetable gardens, getting involved in waste projects, and planting trees, in preparation for the crowning of the new Miss Earth in September.

“Supporting youth in their efforts to build a sustainable future for us is the right thing to do – and we’re proud to do it,” says Tothill.

Source: Media Update