HCI shareholders are advised that at the General Meeting of members held on Friday 7th August 2015 all the ordinary and special resolutions as proposed in the Notice of the General Meeting were approved by the requisite majority of members. In this regard, HCI confirms the voting statistics from the GM as follows:

% Number
Total number of shares that could be voted at meeting 100% 105 043 045
Total number of shares present/represented including proxies at meeting 81,53% 85 641 416
Total number of members present 43


Votes in Favour % Votes Against % Abstentions
Special Resolution Number 1 General approval of the provision of financial assistance in terms of section 44 and section 45 of the Companies Act


79,926,047 93.33% 5,715,369 6.67% 0
Ordinary Resolution Number 1Authorisation of Directors 79,926,047 93.33% 5,715,369 6,67% 0