The Federated Hospitality Association of South Africa’s Cape branch is playing its part in curbing water usage in the drought-stricken province, encouraging local members and businesses to become more water-wise.

In a statement, FEDHASA Cape Chairperson Jeff Rosenberg says that it’s time for establishments to “think out of the box” and come up with new was of conserving water.

“As we face this drought disaster, we are reminded every day that we simply cannot do without water,” he says. “It’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure that we do our bit to conserve and take care of this scarce, much-needed natural resource.”

Tsogo Sun Hotels, Spier and Hotel Verde Cape Town Airport have already come on board, having already initiated innovative water-saving projects.

Tsogo Sun Hotels in the Cape have already reduced their consumption by a combined 300 000 litres per day in the past six months, by introducing measures like water restrictors on shower heads and push button taps in staff areas. They’re also discouraging baths and long showers.

Meanwhile, Spier is recycling 100% of its water at a treatment plant, using the processed ‘grey’ water to maintain the hotel’s grounds. In total, the resort has saved 55% of water using a variety of crisis measures.

Hotel Verde at Cape Town International Airport, not to be left behind, has also introduced a grey water recycling system, and is using 65% less water than a hotel of its size is usually expected to.

With Tourism Month now past the halfway point, FEDHASA is keen to make the most of SA Tourism’s objective to do tourism – sustainably.