Shareholders are advised in terms of paragraph 3.78 of the JSE Listings Requirements that the Company has been informed by its audit firm, Grant
Thornton Johannesburg Partnership (“Grant Thornton”), that there has been a change in its network firm membership from Grant Thornton to BDO South Africa
Inc. (“BDO”). The change was initiated, following the merger of Grant Thornton and BDO on 1 December 2018.

Accordingly, the audit firm of the Company is now BDO and the designated audit partner, Theunis Schoeman, will remain unchanged.

The Audit and Risk Committee of the Company will in due course follow the process detailed in paragraph 3.84(g)(iii) of the JSE Listings Requirements,
as the Company is deemed to be appointing BDO for the first time. This process will be completed before the audit firm signs its next audit report.