Shareholders are referred to the announcement dated 13 November 2002 (“the announcement”) providing details of the pro rata offer by HCI to all its shareholders to purchase 75% of their respective holdings in the share capital of HCI and such additional shares tendered in excess of 75% as the board of directors of HCI so resolves to acquire, but limited to a maximum of 278 382 949 HCI shares (“the Repurchase Offer”), and the disposal of HCI`s entire 5% interest in the Vodacom Group (Pty) Limited.
The salient dates relating to the implementation of the Repurchase Offer as reflected in the announcement have been amended as follows:
Circular mailed to shareholders on Friday 29 November
Last day to lodge forms of proxy for the Friday 20 December
general meeting by 10:00 on
General meeting held at 10:00 on Monday 23 December
Results of general meeting released on SENS on Monday 23 December
Results of general meeting published in the Tuesday 24 December
press on
The above dates and times are subject to amendment. Any such amendment will be published in the press and on SENS.
All other salient dates included in the announcement remain unchanged.
29 November 2002