Three Blind Mice Communications (TBM) received the Runner Up Award in the “Organisations: SMME” category of the National Science & Technology Forum (NSTF) 2003 Awards. A Gala Awards Dinner was held on Friday evening, 28 May 2004 at Caesar’s in Gauteng. The keynote speaker was Mr. M Mangena, Minister of Science and Technology

The National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF) has for many years taken the initiative to recognise outstanding contributions to South African Science, Engineering and Technology by individuals and organisations. This recognition is intended to honour South African scientists and engineers thereby encouraging them and their colleagues to greater achievement. Excellence in research and development is a key enabler of growth in any economy.

The NSTF Awards are unique to South Africa – second only to the Technology Top 100 Awards. TBM was named a Technology Top 100 company in 2002, and was a finalist in 2003. In addition during 2003, TBM was presented as the joint winner of the Grand Prix Award at the annual Age of Innovation and Sustainability Awards (AIS), as well winner of the Excellence in Innovation & Sustainability award, in the Economic ICT category.

TBM has used innovative ideas from different disciplines within digital technology and combined them to revolutionise the process of visual communication, producing an internationally unique technology that overcomes problems presented by the lack of stable and reliable terrestrial communications.

The technology offers vast reach and versatility at cost effective prices, and although currently used primarily as a major advertising channel, has significant potential as a commercially viable channel for addressing education and skills transfer needs at community level.

Source: TBM