A TRANSPORT museum detailing Cape Town’s 200 year history of the sector could soon be on the cards for the city.

Hosken’s Consolidated Investments (HCI) Foundation, which owns Golden Arrow, launched an exhibition detailing the story of road and rail transport last week.

HCI’s Virginia Engel said this was the “first call for a transport museum” in the city.

Engel said the foundation had not yet finalised details “of the end project”.

“We are only out of the starting blocks. As yet we have formed no idea.”

However, she added it was important to “preserve the sector’s heritage”.

“We want to collect artefacts and record stories of this industry.”

She believed the proposed museum could play a role in “reconciling,communities”.

“Many people have suffered the indiginities of the old apartheid transport system.”

Cllr Owen Kinahan, together with HCI, presented a concept dealing with the logistical aspects of the museum.

Kinahan said there were various components which contributed towards a successful transport museum.

“A transport museum should be fun, not an academic exercise.”

To this end, he suggested rides and reproductions of older modes of transport.

He said the museum should also cater for all transport enthusiasts. There should be a slot for everyone.

He also believed the existence of a museum would add value to cultural tourism in the city centre.

He also made reference to the urgency of the project.

“We have destroyed many examples of the older modes of transport and our source of oral history is also depleting. We need to move fast.”

He appealed to all roleplayers for their involvement.

Source: Tygerberger Kraaifontein – Bronwynne Jooste