Pay TV and publishing Naspers has re-launched a lower tier pay TV pack age to counter the impending challenge of market competition in the form of four new operators.

Last month the Independent Communications Authority of SA (ICASA) granted pay TV licences to fixed line operator Telkom’s media unit leisure and media group Hosken Consolidated Investments and and two smaller operators – OnDigital Media old Walking on Water – ending Naspers decade monopoly.

Entry of new operators is expected to stimulate the market, with more investment in pay TV services seen. Naspers local pay TV operation Multi choice said its EasyView package comprises 10 well video channels – up from a previous four – as as five data channels and 28 radio stations.

Telkom Media – which has funding of offer R7, 5 billion over eight years – has said it will offer cheaper packages in attempts to attract subscribers starting at approximately R100 a month.

Source: The Witness – Reuters