GOLDEN Arrow Bus Services, which appears to be revving higher under HCI’s control, is hoping to score from the 2010 Soccer World Cup.
HCI chairman Marcel Golding says a major challenge facing public transport is “the pivotal role” the sector is anticipated to play in the staging of the 2010 World Cup.

He notes that the Western Cape government had stated that 300 buses planned for the transportation of the expected 200 000 fans projected to visit Cape Town would be integrated into the existing bus passenger system.

While government (as far as CBN can ascertain) has not disclosed the source of the extra buses, Golden Arrow appears intent on getting in on the ‘footie’ action. Golding says as the current provider of scheduled bus services to the provincial government, the company is “ready to engage with all stakeholders to ensure that the 2010 public transport initiatives are sustainable and synchronized with related programmes.”

One thing in Golden Arrow’s favour is that cash flush parent company HCI has invested heavily in new assets since taking control in 2004. Since April 2004 Golden Arrow has spent almost R200 million on 169 new buses and on re-furbishing another 126 existing buses. Golden Arrow now operates a fleet of over 1 000 buses.

Golding says: “This commitment to the upgrading of the bus service of Cape Town is a key component of the company’s strategic positioning as the primary supplier of scheduled bus transportation for the city in the foreseeable future.”

With this kind of commitment how can provincial government not let Golden Arrow take a shot at 2010? Stranger things have happened…

Source: Cape Business News