Consumers have been lapping up Clover’s Spread the Love campaign. The adverts received the highest likability score in the dairy category ever in South Africa, according to South Africa’s leading consumer assessor of advertising, Millward Brown’s Adtrack system.

Pretty exceptional for a series of adverts that were shot in 45 minutes or less over a period of four-and-a-half days, by Graeme Moon of KAP Productions. The print campaign was shot over the same period.

The ads, which were flighted less than other ads in the dairy category, came out tops, according to the independent research findings. A significant achievement for Clover SA.

“We are elated by the audience reaction to the Spread the Love commercials,” Grazyna Koscielska, Director of advertising agency Stimulii says. “We wanted to invoke a very personal feeling in the minds and hearts of consumers. The iconic women that were identified for the Spread the Love campaign resonated with the audience, validating our overall objectives.”

The campaign, which bought in the talents of arguably the world’s best photographer, David LaChapelle, featured 10 of South Africa’s most iconic women, including Karen Zoid, Miriam Makeba, Gcina Mhlophe, Helen Suzman and Leleti Khumalo. Afrikaans rock star, Karen Zoid’s advert in particular hit a chord with viewers, according to Millward Brown’s research.

“Audiences are increasingly becoming more critical and selective,” Group Marketing Manager for Clover SA, Denise Meadon says. “The astoundingly beautiful images, translated perfectly into the look and feel of the TV ads. Viewers were able to identify with the adverts, which gave a glimpse into the lives of each of the women featured in the campaign.”

From photographing the likes of Hilary Clinton, Drew Barrymore, Uma Thurman and David Beckham, LaChapelle’s images capture far more than just the person in front of the lens. Placed second on CNN’s list of 20 people to watch in 2000, LaChapelle’s work has been featured in all the major glossy magazine titles, including Vogue. He has is best known for his work with Diesel and America’s Got Milk campaign. His visit to South Africa was a coup for Clover SA.

The multi-platform campaign, which asked South Africans to get involved, captured the hearts and minds of all the LSM categories. “A campaign needs to say the same thing for one brand, no matter who you’re talking to. It’s about conceptualising the remarkable,” says Koscielska.

Source: – Stimulii