Golden Arrow Bus Services wishes to express its extreme disappointment with the misguided and factually deficient media release issued by the City of Cape Town’s Communication Department on 18th August alleging that a Golden Arrow bus driver was arrested for five outstanding warrants of arrest. The said driver was in fact never arrested and the traffic offences for which the warrants were issued were related to his private vehicle, which was stolen at the time of the transgressions. Contrary to the allegation made in the report, the incident was in no way connected to the execution of his functions as a Golden Arrow bus driver. This unwarranted association is reprehensible as the company has internal mechanisms in place to ensure that drivers resolve traffic offences within the prescribed periods to ensure that they are in a position to effectively perform their functions. The wrongful perception created by this manner of reporting is unfortunate and undermines the principles of delivering a service that is consistent with the legal prescripts of road based passenger transport to which Golden Arrow is contractually bound.