The marketing challenges facing a product like cream are rather unique.

By its nature, cream is perceived to be a special treat and therefore aspirational rather than for everyday use. The challenge put to Joe Public by Clover was to increase market share and illustrate just how versatile the product really is.

The solution came in the form of a television campaign which is both humorous (therefore memorable) and educational as it provides easy to compile recipes for everyday use. “By profiling the versatility of Clover Cream through the use of 10″ and 30″ televised recipes, the brand is not only promoted but consumers are more likely to buy the product, add it to their meals, and judge for themselves,” says Joe Public’s MD Gareth Leck.

The ‘add love to the moment’ campaign essentially renames ordinary recipes, illustrating how the addition of Clover Cream to everyday cooking can turn the ordinary into something rewarding and special.

Recipe titles include ‘Brother-in-law-in-the-fridge-at-2am-potato-salad’



‘I-still-love-you-like-in 1973-lasagne’ and ‘Get-your-8-year-old-to-eat-butternut-bake’, the team set out to emotionally encourage consumers to reward themselves and others through the addition of ‘love’ to their cooking.

A second call to action included in the television ads is directing the audience to a website where the tried and tested recipes can be downloaded.

“The cleverly re-written recipes are introduced and brought to life through a combination of exquisite food cinematography, pop up animation and quirky characters created in the line drawing,” says Gareth.

In showcasing the preparation of each specific renamed meal, a background for storytelling emerges. In the ‘7-minutes-of-complete-silence-chocolate-trifle’ TVC, a chaotic family braai takes place, sponge cake doubles as a braai area and a cat and dog chase pursues in and amongst a garden path of meringues, whilst the slicing of a strawberry reveals two teenagers kissing ‘behind the bushes’.

In ‘How-to-get-your-eight-year-old-to-eat-butternut-bake’ a chopping board doubles as a basketball court, whilst freshly peeled butternut becomes the perfect playground for some adventurous skateboarding.

“An original sound track was created for the campaign, which was then tweaked and enhanced with sound design and unique beats in order to suit each individual ‘food story’. In ‘Get-your-8-year-old-to-eat-butternut-bake’ turntable scratching adds an upbeat, youthful feel to the overall production whilst chaotic sound design followed by blissful silence makes the point in ‘7-minutes-of-complete-silence-chocolate-trifle’.”

The Joe Public team involved in this execution includes creative director Liezl-Mari Long and art director Knut Otto. Bioscope Films and Wicked Pixels were respectively responsible for the filming and the animation of the campaign, whilst sound was handled by Frequency.

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Source: The Marketing Site