Two eNews channel and weather ads have been recognised for their innovation at the prestigious World Promax/DBA Promotion and Marketing Awards.
The ads that feature the American meteorologist, Derek van Dam, scooped a bronze certificate in Best news\information multiple spot campaign at the awards in New York.

The ads feature Van Dam, new to South Africa, getting the name of key South African provinces and city wrong. A cameraman then helps Derek pronounce the province “Mpumalanga” and the city “Polokwane”.

At the end of the ad, the cameraman gives Derek a Mopani worm, and he eats it not knowing what it is. The ads have turned weather into one of eNews’ most important slots.

“It was a subtle way of playing a truly South African joke on an American. And it worked,” says Patrick Conroy, the group news editor. “Derek van Dam became an instant hit in South Africa. The campaign was a hit because we were honest about his talents and his short-comings.”

Brendon Heyburgh, Adam Goodman, Dion Smith, Adrian Galley put the concept together while Tembekile Solanga, from’s human resources acted as the helpful cameraman.

The American weatherman Derek, has been helpful in training eNews channel staff operate the complicated weather graphic system, a first in South Africa, says the eNews channel.

Source: TheMediaOnline – Kwanele Sibanda