STATEMENT BY GROUP CEO REGARDING eNEWS JOURNALISTS Group CEO, Marcel Golding, has come out in support of eNews journalists Ben Said and Mpho Lakaje. This follows criticism against eNews and the journalists from the Ministry of Police, the head of the SAPS, the ANC and National Press Club spokesperson who is also the head of Primedia’s Crime Line. It also follows the issuing of section 205 subpoenas against Said and Lakaje following an undercover report by eNews on criminals threatening to rob tourists during the World Cup.
Golding said: “Mpho and Ben were simply doing their jobs as journalists. This type of story is not unusual and similar stories have been covered by other media, including respected international broadcasters.

“The reaction against eNews from certain quarters has been unreasonable and disproportionate. eNews has a reputation for reporting stories without fear or favour – no matter how unpalatable such information may be. Moreover, eNews has consistently provided high profile coverage of SAPS successes in the fight against crime. To impugn the integrity of eNews or to question its patriotism is disingenuous.” has also taken the initiative to highlight the work of the SAPS in a series of inserts called “South African Heroes”. These inserts have been produced and broadcast by since the end of last year and they profile positive initiatives taken by SAPS members around the country. These inserts air on and the eNews channel several times on a daily basis.

Source: – press release