THE WESTERN Cape workplace has often been slated as a difficult environment for black executives to successfully Integrate into, when relocating from other parts of the country.

Steve Katz, director of Isilumko Staffing and Its specialist accounting and financial services recruitment division. Isilumko Accounting, says this view has been widely expressed by the black executives with whom the firm interacts.

“Many of our corporate clients have asked for advice on how best to attract and retain black executives.

The common challenges include the Western Cape population mix – where blacks are in the minority and black executives are poorly represented in the workplace – inadequate induction, assistance, development and mentoring programmes for these individuals, and perceived cliques and isolated socialisation habits.”

Isilumko Accountants specialises in the recruitment of executive candidates and has developed a special care package; designed to assist successful candidates from the moment they indicate a serious intent to accept a Cape Town job offer.

Adrian Oates. executive search specialist at Isilumko Accountants. says: “We have put ourselves in the shoes of our applicants and attempted to aid the relocation process and pre-empt solutions to potential challenges.

“Practically, this means we have information at our disposal and alliances in place with removal companies, estate and rental agencies, clubs, societies, and schools – in other words, with all the organisations that would facilitate successful relocations.

“We advise on the desirable areas to live and customise suggestions for specific family circumstances. For instance, a single person or young couple would receive different advice to a couple with children. We offer direction on well regarded schools, sports facilities, community centres and other amenities. In addition, we provide a support network of other black executives living in specific suburbs in the Western Cape.

“We keep in close contact with our successful applicants and feed queries or concerns back to our clients at the earliest opportunity.

Source: Cape Times – Career Times – staff writer