A GOLDEN Arrow bus was torched in Nyanga on the Cape Flats, the second such incident in a week, the bus company said yesterday.

“Protesters began stoning the bus quite heavily and the driver jumped out,” said Golden Arrow’s Cape Town spokesman Bronwen Dyke.

“The protesters placed a burning tyre underneath the bus. It caught fire and was completely gutted.”

She said this happened as part of a service delivery protest on Monday evening.

“This is the second such incident in the past week,” said Dyke, adding that it cost more than Rl million to replace one bus.

She warned that if protests continued, the bus company would not be able to continue running its service in the area.

For now, it was still running services in Nyanga.

“But if it gets too dangerous, we can’t do it and people will get stranded.”

Source:  Citizen Reporter