When people riot in Cape Town they often burn the buses that are there to take them to work…

On Monday night ANOTHER bus from the Golden Arrow company was torched.

This time, as service delivery protests in Phifippi, in the Western Cape, continued, the bus was torched in Nyanga.

It’s the second Golden Arrow bus to be burnt in two weeks.

The driver escaped unharmed.., leaving passengers trapped inside. Protesting residents from Phillipi, in the Western Cape, burned Five of them suffered slight another Golden Arrow bus In Nyanga on Monday evening.

injuries after they iumped Photo by Mandla Mnyakama through the bus windows to safety. The bus was heading for Khayelitsha when a group of protesting youths threw burning tyres underneath the bus. The protesters also threw shit on the road – and used portable toilets as barricades.

A Nyanga East resident who was too scared to give her name, suggested that the rioters attack government property instead of private proery and innocent people. “This will not bring them a solution,” she said.

Bronwyn Dyke from Golden Arrow said: “This affects people who must get to work and back, in order to put food on the table.” The damage will cost the company an estimated R1 million.

Source: Daily Sun KZN – Mandla Mnyakama