The inaugural 46664 Apparel range is headed to retail department store Stuttafords, five months after the licence deal between Nelson Mandela’s multifaceted global campaign, 46664, and SA’s biggest clothing and textile manufacturer, Seardel, was announced.

In total, 46664 Apparel will occupy more than 700 square metres of floor space in 15 Stuttafords stores, from August 20.

Five of the 15 stores will feature full “stores-within-store”, providing some insight into the look of the first 46664 Apparel standalone store due to launch later this year.

According to 46664 board member Achmat Dangor, 46664 has evolved to become much more than a global HIV/AIDS awareness campaign.

“The work of the organisation encompasses Nelson Mandela’s humanitarian legacy as well as confronting and inspiring action to address the broader social injustices in our society.

“To do this effectively, 46664 needs reliable and sustainable income streams, something we believe the 46664 Apparel can significantly contribute to,” he said.

The contribution of the 46664 Apparel to 46664 will come as a percentage of turnover, starting at 7% and ending at 9% of annual turnover.

“Stuttafords is the only traditional ‘high road’ department store in SA, fortified by its conceptual positioning as a house of international brands, and in keeping with this positioning, Brand ID has announced its intentions to establish 46664 as an international brand on the high roads of world fashion so our objectives are entirely compatible,” said Wayne Bebb, CE of Brand ID, the division of Seardel responsible for the development, creation, production, marketing and distribution of 46664 Apparel.

Hilton Mer, executive chairman of Stuttafords, said the company’s position in the heartbeat of fashion would allow it to contribute to the establishment and growth of the 46664 Apparel range.

“In so doing, we take pride in the prospect of showcasing and supporting the birth and growth of a South African brand with international quality, allowing us an opportunity to assist in promoting the apparel brand to the world stage. The social responsibility associated with the brand is also noteworthy and commendable,” he said.

Source: Business Live – Zeenat Moorad