The much anticipated 46664 – denoting Nelson Mandela’s prison number – designer clothing brand will be available to the public from next week.

But Mandela’s image will not be used on any of the clothes or advertising campaigns.

The 46664 organisation, working with Cape Town based Seardel and Brand ID, has created the clothes that will be available at selected Stuttafords and stand-alone concept stores nationally.

“The range includes jeans, golf shirts, belts, jerseys, dresses and T-shirts. It aims to create a fashion brand that can stand alongside international fashion brands,” said Brand ID’s Wayne Bebb.

This means that the men and women’s ranges would be built around different types of people.

“We are creating a world class ladies and menswear range that we want ordinary people to associate with and have access to,” said Bebb.

The menswear designer, Chris Vogenvoel, said he drew inspiration for the range from Mandela.

“He is a style icon and a bright, spirited person. That’s why most of the clothes have bright colours,” said Vogenvoel.

CEO of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Achmat Dangor, said the 46664 clothing range was a significant step in the organisation’s pursuit of sustainability to take forward Mandela’s humanitarian legacy.

“The brand 46664 has evolved to become much more than a global HIV-Aids awareness and prevention campaign,” said Dangor.

The pricing for the clothes will vary from R199 for a T-shirt to R1000 for a pair of jeans.

Commenting on Seardel’s relationship with 46664, CEO Stuart Queen said his company was grateful to be associated with a globally recognised and meaningful brand like 46664.

“This partnership is about creating a fashion benchmark that is unmistakably rooted in South Africa and appeals to consumers around the world,” said Queen.

He said the company was mindful of its responsibility to balance the commercial aspects of the range with the needs and vision of 46664.

Its newly formed division, Brand ID, has the task of ensuring that the clothing range is in line with Mandela’s integrity.

Plans are already being made to launch the clothing line internationally next year and a website will be created to allow individuals both nationally and internationally to purchase items online.

Source: The New age – Tlalane Tshetlo