My fashion choices basically consist of three steps: 1) Do I love it? 2) Is it comfortable? and 3) Does it slim me down or at least not make me look bigger? If I can answer “yes” to each of these questions, I buy the outfit. I can tell that 46664 Apparel clothing not only fits my requirements but might just make me stylish. And best of all, it’s for a good cause.

The most iconic South African number is now fashionable. With a spring-summer launch at Stuttafords stores in August and a winter range that was launched at SA Fashion Week, Nelson Mandela’s prison number is set to become a global clothing brand.

Developed in partnership between Seardel/ Brand ID and 46664, an NGO that continues Nelson Mandela’s humanitarian work, 46664 Apparel’s core design team consists of Craig Native, Chris Vogelpoel and Barbara Tosalli.

The five themes that were a part of the 46664 Apparel show at Fashion Week shows you the right combinations and suits all tastes. African Renaissance is an eclectic mix of bold printed men’s shirts and maxi dresses while Rainbow Nation is about colour contrasts in blazers, trenches and trousers. More my usual style was the Soul theme of classic black, grey and charcoal pieces. For guys, the Urban theme has skinny and twisted jeans and zipper tops with hoodies. Lastly, Afro Chic is semi-formal wear in rich colours that celebrate the sophisticated African woman. Chris says the 46664 clothing shows “the flair and bravado we have in mixing and contrasting colour outfits and never standing back from strong colour”.

While we may follow trends, fashion is still about individuality. So when a brand is overtly displayed on the clothes, it’s unappealing. 46664 Apparel is subtle in its branding with the number not prominent in the designs. 46664 appears, for instance, on the soles and tongues of the sneakers. A message saying “it’s in our hands” is printed on the inside collar of the golf shirts. It’s about the clothes and making a statement with it.

I see 46664 Apparel’s ladies and menswear as funky and fun. A range for kids is launching this month and international designers will join the design team for upcoming ranges. Chris heads the menswear and adds quirky details to men’s jeans, chinos, golf shirts and woven shirts. Barbara heads the womenswear and has created beautifully fitted and on-trend clothing inspired by African heritage and contemporary society. Both ranges allow you to start building a wardrobe with a variety of pieces. Craig, with his socially-aware approach and clothing that is deeply rooted in Africa, is responsible for 46664 Apparel’s statement T-shirts. Based on Mandela’s writings, speeches and actions, Craig’s statement T’s are intended to educate the consumer on Madiba’s legacy.

The most iconic South African number is now fashionable.


The clothing is manufactured both locally and internationally but the goal is for it to eventually be fully produced in South Africa. Between seven and nine percent of the annual profits earned will be put back into the 46664 NGO. In addition, Seardel is obliged to pay minimum guarantees per year to assist 46664 in their long-term plans. Details of projects benefiting from funds raised by sales of 46664 Apparel will be available on the website.

The line is now available in Stuttafords stores across South Africa. The online store goes live on November 16 and close to 70 additional independent retailers across South Africa are also part of the retail reach.

It’s not just about fashion – it’s clothing with a conscience. So if stylish, socially conscious outfits speak to you, support 46664 Apparel. I know I will.

Source: iol Lifestyle – Devaksha Moodley