Montecasino is in the proud position of having successfully passed a stringent verification of its Electronic Draw System (EDS) by leading professional auditing firm, KPMG Services.

“We were confident that the EDS used in our casino is secure, fair and gives every entry an equal opportunity of winning,” says Steve Howell, general manager of Montecasino. “We recognised that our credibility among our gaming public would only be fully realised with a complete verification of our EDS by a highly reputable auditing firm. In 2010 Tsogo Sun approached KPMG and started the process of determining the scope of the verification process. It has been an immensely positive and fruitful exercise and we are delighted that our state-of-the-art EDS has now been proven to be all that we believed it to be.”

Qualified to publish statements

KPMG’s findings now qualify Montecasino to publish and use short statements that prove ‘Random selection independently verified by KPMG’ and ‘System independently verified by KPMG’ and medium length statements (on posters, websites, and by the call centre) that prove ‘The system was independently verified by KPMG to establish that the selection of the winner is random’.

“Tsogo Sun is an undeniable leader in gaming and entertainment in South Africa and we pride ourselves on being a driving force in the growth and development of the casino industry throughout the country,” says Chris Baragwanath, group technical manager at Tsogo Sun. “As such we are committed to implementing and maintaining world class standards in every single aspect of our operations, which naturally includes all our gaming systems. This successful review by KPMG is another initiative on our part to ensure that every visitor to one of our 14 casinos across the country have an enjoyable and entertaining experience, confident in the knowledge that their chances of winning are equal to anyone else’s.”

Source: BizCommunity (Cape Town)