THERE is something about choice, especially when there is a pyramid of delicacies – including succulent rump steaks, T-bones, fresh fish and mouth-watering desserts – under one roof, as well as a selection of fine wines.

One either gets too full before one can actually indulge or one can learn to appreciate the culinary arts

But Tsogo Sun in Pretoria, corner of Betrix and Church streets, top off their menu with warm smiles from the staff who greet you from the lobby to the dining area. Although you will get all of the above, you still have to know what goes well with red meat or how to wash down cray-fish without upsetting your tastebuds. The requirement of mixing things in the culinary arts should be motivated by complementing each other, which is why if you feel your knowledge is limited to gulping down and feel your belly, you might miss the point of coming together in one big well-dressed table.

But don’t despair, for Tsogo Sun has achieved something South Africans are still yet to learn, good service. The staff’s knowledge is remarkably impressive, with toothpaste smiles and a rocket-scientist knowledge. Their goal is to satisfy you.

Their knowledge goes beyond service: they know their food and drinks, not just the mandane “is everything alright” you get from floor staff in other hotels.

While we are still on eating for appreciation rather than filling up your “BBEE belly”. Buffet is known for serving leftovers from the previous day. Your tastebuds will tell if your beefsteak has spent weeks in those walk-in-eskimo-freezers behind the decorated front. Tsogo executive head chef Benny Masekwameng is not “just a judge with a fancy face” in the most expensive food-show on TV by far, Master Chef.

The Alexandra-born cook has talent, skills and passion. His food does not need to be tested to confirm its freshness. The smell is all you need to know that you can indulge without getting sick from “last night’s” food.

If you plan to spend the night, you can expect to wake to something similar to dinner: a pyramid of breakfast choices.

Source: The Sowetan -Sbusiso Shongwe