The City of Cape Town says it is deeply disappointed to learn that Golden Arrow Bus Services has elected to pursue litigation in respect of its share of the Vehicle Operating Contracts for the buses of Phase 1 of the MyCiTi service. The City has been negotiating with GABS and other affected public transport operators in good faith and in the interests of a commuter focussed integrated public transport service.

“Phase 1 of the MyCiTi service is a small component of what the City envisages for the future of public transport in this City and we have a long way to go before we achieve a comprehensive public transport service that meets the needs of all our residents. We are confident that there is a role for all the existing operators in the future of public transport and we are confident that there is significant scope for growing the demand for public transport as we transform it into a convenient, affordable and desirable system,” the City says.

“The City has always been committed to open and fair negotiations with all public transport operators in the spirit of achieving this quality public transport service. It is unfortunate that GABS are choosing not to show the same commitment that the City and other public transport operators have shown. It is our view that the path GABS has chosen to follow is not in the spirit of transforming an industry that needs it.”

It says it respects GABS’s right to protect their business interests but it will not allow them to confuse their vested interests with the interests of the City and our residents. This administration is working to ensure a quality public transport system in the interests of a sustainable and liveable city.

“We are well aware that these negotiations are lengthy and complicated, but we urge GABS look to the longer term benefit of an integrated public transport system not only for commuters but also themselves as public transport service providers and to return to discussions with the City rather than pursue this short-term litigious strategy.”

Source: Cape Business News