e.tv, which turns 15 in October 2013, has welcomed the New Year with a fresh brand re-imaging, which saw the launch of a new logo, pay-off line and on-air imaging at the beginning of January. (video)
Undertaken by the channel’s in-house creative services department, the brand refresh was inspired by the new pay-off line ‘free your imagination’. This pay-off line was born from the channel’s vision to offer viewers content that expands their minds and stimulates freethinking.

“The new look is inspired by our deep connection with our African roots. We wanted to create imaging that would connect with our viewers on different levels and reflect the brand essence, our passion, aspiration and what we stand for as a proudly South African entertainment destination. The refined positioning is influenced by intensive audience research and this is reflected through the new pay-off line,” says Monde Twala, e.tv head of channel.

The creative team interpreted imagination as the ability of the mind to dream up or conceive, and this concept was then explored and developed into the channel’s visual on-air identity. The concept was inspired by South Africa’s cultural kaleidoscope, which was used as a mechanism to portray imagination.

“It’s important to keep up with our audience and trends. The e.tv brand resonates with all South Africans and we wanted this to be reflected in our imaging.”

‘Lollipop logo’

The channel also welcomed a reworked logo, which incorporated subtle design changes to the shape of the logo. A 3D version of the logo has been created for the new look – dubbed the ‘lollipop logo’ due to the semi-transparent red block.

A new colour system for the channel was also developed. The colour system is unique in that it is two-fold – both a summer and winter colour palette has been created so that the channel’s visual identity can reflect South Africa’s seasonal changes.

“Through the new imaging, the channel is able to celebrate the rich tapestry of South African history while setting a tone for the future. The new imaging also lends itself to further growth of the concept, and this was designed with the future in mind particularly expansion in the digital space.”

Along with the new on-air visual changes, the channel is also gearing up to launch a completely revamped website, revolutionising online digital content that offers viewers an interactive, fun and entertaining means to connect with the channel. The refreshed website with all the new offerings will go live within the next few weeks.

“As the channel prepares for its birthday, viewers can expect a year filled with thrilling opportunities. We will continue to provide our loyal viewers with world class entertainment television and local content that is relevant and dynamic,” concludes Twala.

Source: BizCommunity.com