The launch of the 1Roodeberg was a beautiful and rich one. If you have ever driven passed the KWV building in Paarl you will know that even the sight of it is enough to send you back through the years. This is the home of Roodeberg and where the 1Roodberg room is situated, a room that has hosted foreign diplomats, dignitaries and celebrities in its time. It was once the KWV’s directors’ reception and is now where those who join the 1Roodeberg members club can entertain, have dinner and enjoy other benefits reserved for those in the club.
We started our visit under the huge oak trees with a beautiful glass of Roodeberg Red, the blend of wine that holds so much heritage in each sip. It was then off to the boardroom where the chairmen look down on you from their paintings above and where so many good (and bad decisions) have been made.

Wine pairing

Finally, we were welcomed into the 1Roodeberg room and there we were indulged with wine pairing. It was a delight to savour the wines from the Roodeberg line and taste them with traditional South African foods. For someone who has an obsession with the 1900s it was like stepping into a dream and with the light wine buzz beginning in my temples I could almost imagine Nelson Mandela standing in the room signing his name in the guest book.

The room is the essence of progressive tradition. The chandelier, although redone, is created from the old light fittings and on the old wooden tables sits tablets for you to use as you browse over the bottles of wine, pictures and other knick-knacks in the room.

Roodeberg was created by Dr Charles Niehaus and, over the years, has been passed over to its new custodians who have helped to perfect the blend. We look forward to seeing what the coming years have to show from this delightful brand and wine.

Source:Bizcommunity – Jordan Scott