Tsogo Sun has pledged its support for the 49M energy-efficiency campaign.

This makes it the 117th organisation or government department to sign the pledge, joining T-Systems, the CSIR, Samsung and MTN, among others.

According to Rob Collins, chief marketing officer at Tsogo Sun, the group was excited to be part of the 49M campaign, as it conforms with the company’s commitment to energy efficiency.

“It’s a privilege for Tsogo Sun to demonstrate our commitment to the environment by pledging ourselves with 49M to a 10% reduction in energy usage,” says Collins. The hospitality group’s environmental strategy aims to reduce the impact the business has on the environment and encourages employees and guests to embrace greener behaviour for the benefit of the planet.

For 49M spokesperson, Andrew Etzinger, as more and more companies come on board, the campaign takes steps closer to achieving its mandate of an energy saving of at least 10%. “We are pleased that Tsogo Sun has partnered with us as we increase our efforts to persuade companies and individuals to do more to save electricity,” said Etzinger.

Environmental impact at Tsogo Sun hotels is affected primarily through electricity consumption, according to the group. Electricity use at Tsogo Sun’s South African-owned properties has decreased by 3% since the start of the efficiency drive, thanks to the installation of energy-efficient lighting at properties, consumption measurement technologies and behavioural change initiatives.

Conventional water-heating systems have been replaced with more efficient heat pump technologies. Over two months, 107 214 LED lamps were installed throughout all hotels and casinos, resulting in annual energy savings of 23 911 MWh.

“From a baseline that was established using the April 2009 to March 2010 period, we have successfully achieved a saving of 12.8%, or 19 GWh,” comments Collins.

Into the future, the brand will focus on behavioural changes, adds Collins. “Savings can only be sustainable when there is buy-in from employees, and eventually, guests.”

Source: ITWeb – GreenIt – Staff Writer