Monde Twala has been given the responsibility to ensure an unblemished debut of e. tv’s new broadcasting service on SA television. Its channel division’s group head has affirmed that the prelude to the satellite platform launch is great.

However, the same has been upsetting. But, according to Twala, the Openview HD platform would be live on October 15.

As per the findings, e. tv is mainly aimed at the LSM (Living Standards Measure) 4 to 7 market, which is a middle income market. The group has spent money as well as time while looking for what the `not fully serviced’ market was seeking to watch.

Twala told that they were actually looking for more channels and more content.

In his view, the HD platform was very good for the nation. It was, in fact, a chance to fill a gap in the market. People in South Africa would get diversity when it comes to the content on TV.

Different channels, including eAfrica+, eKasi+, eToonz+ and eMovies+, are on their go with different shows.

“The content takes in Nollywood productions, those from East and West Africa. We already have an African footprint, and eAfrica+ will extend that”, Twala was cited as saying.

Source: Newspoint Africa- Makomborero Midzi