Golden Arrow celebrates success in fighting crime against their buses (

The South African Police Service and the City of Cape Town are making progress in fighting crime against Golden Arrow busses.

Abongile Nzelenzele spoke to Bronwyn Dyke-Beyer, spokesperson for Golden Arrows Bus Services.

  • A number of arrests and convictions have taken place for bus attacks.

  • Dyke-Beyer said they will continue to ensure their buses are safe.

Nobody should feel unsafe in their daily commute, but this has unfortunately been the reality for so many citizens of Cape Town.

Golden Arrow buses have been a target for criminals as they operate in areas with high crime rates.

However, Dyke-Beyer says there is a light at the end of the tunnel as they have seen a number of arrests and convictions.

About two weeks ago three people were arrested and before that three people were convicted.

Bronwyn Dyke-Beyer, spokesperson for Golden Arrows Bus Services

She says that this success came through a combination of strong teamwork, detective work, and improved security measures on the buses.

She adds that they want to make sure they put out the message that they will not tolerate these brazen acts of crime and will continue ensuring their service is safe.

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Source: Cape Talk